PLUS+ Branded Mini Game Development Service You can create a branded game yourself with the Studio.
But if you're running out of time, or if you're suddenly ready for an event, we can create a branded game for you.


Branded Mini-Games offers a diverse range of services
for your successful business.

We provide graphic resources

We provide graphical resources for marketing, such as banners and event landing pages.

Device-specific optimization

Optimized for web, mobile and multiple device environments.

Game tutorials are provided

Help or tutorial UI is provided to help you play the game.

Select your preferred difficulty level

Difficulty and stage modes can be added to enhance the fun of the game.

Mini-games for various events

There are also various mini-games that you can feel free to join in with, and check the event results.

The latest trending game graphics

Sample designs for all games can be upgraded to the latest trending designs.

Easy operation and intuitive UI

Easy operation and intuitive UI make it easy to join events.

SNS sharing function

Event information and games can be shared with various SNS.

Latest project

Branded Mini-Games are preferred by a large and diverse range of companies!
You can see our successful results in our latest projects.

CLIENT Shilla Duty-Free shop We provided services and developed 10 games on the HTML5
game portal on the Shilla Internet Duty -Free app.
CLIENT OK Savings Bank We provided HTML5 games such as Roulette and Carrot Man
on the OK Savings Bankapp.
CLIENT Kia Motors We provided HTML5 promotional game for the launch of
Kia Motors K5
CLIENT Somang Cosmetics We provided a promotional game for VPROVE
fine-dust-defense cream.
CLIENT Samsung Electronics Co. We developed 2 kinds of educational HTML5 games in
conjunction with the launch of Samsung Electronics Galaxy A8.

Production process

Step 1. Quotation

Check the estimated price for the PLUS service.

With our online quote service, you can check the cost of the service you want directly on our website.

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If you are not sure how to use the service, please contact

Supported language – English, Vietnamese and Korean

Step 2. Service Order

Service Order can be sent by email

There is no special contract for the service.
You only need to email the scanned document for the Service Order to us.

Step 3. Resource delivery

Send the necessary resources to create the game.

Send us graphics images, text and all the resources you need to create your game.

Step 4. Design Work

A graphics team that triumphed in a successful event with Branded Mini-Games!

The graphic team that has successfully supported game event services will create the best graphics for game and product events & promotions.

Step 5. Game production with Studio

Game is produced with Studio

Most functions for events through games can be created with Studio.

Step 6. QA & Final inspection

Check the finished game with the brand

Does the game made through the web browser on PC or mobile browser work normally?
After final confirmation, the finished game is delivered to the brand.

Step 7. Service Launch

A successful event begins.

You can see the data you need after the event.

Branded Mini-Games

The following brands created the game with a game template