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What are Branded Mini-Games?



Because the game is used, the user’s revisit and retention rate is high.



Brand logos and products provide gamification to your customers through HTML5 games.



As it is made with HTML5, it supports PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.


Mobile Friendly







You can create your own game through the Studio. Additionally, SaaS offers a very high cost-saving effect.

There is no need to know programming or coding, nor is there a need for a development team to create HTML5 browser games.

All you need is a good graphic designer and some time to use the Studio.

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Who we are? Branded Mini-Games build branded HTML5 mobile games to help businesses around the world increase brand awareness, lead generation and boost their digital marketing and communication results. Branded Mini-Games offers branded games development, html5 mobile games, mobile marketing games, mobile web games and playable ads to help brands gain attention and convert their employees and market into plays, clicks and conversions. Who we help? Branded Mini-Games helps both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies from a variety of industries. Games can be successfully used for marketing, sales, Human Resources (HR), training, employee motivation and corporate communication. Industries that we’ve worked with include: FMCG, food & drink, TV and media, banking, financial services, insurance, marketing agencies, brand agencies, mobile and telephone networks, game developers, sporting goods manufacturers, and many more. How we do it? Branded Mini-Games uses games and social gamification techniques to quickly reward the game player for engaging with the game, the brand and the message. Our mini-game format means lower barriers to entry for players and encourages multiple replays. The mini-game format is also ideal for men and women, of all ages, even if they’re no serious gamers. Gain the attention of your target audience, convert them into leads and drive them towards a call-to-action with buttons, videos, coupons or with social contests. Mobile-First For over 10 years we’ve worked on mobile solutions. Our background and focus has always been mobile-first. Developed in HTML5 our games work on mobile but automatically resize for other screens – including PC, tablet, and laptop. Digital Advertising Use the power of games and gamification to boost the results your digital advertising. Increase the interactions from your adverts and boost your click-through rates (CTR) by providing a fun and engaging game experience in your advertising. Sweepstakes and Contests Are you looking to run a competition online or at an exhibition? Use Branded Mini-Games to create a fun, engaging and interactive competition. Run leaderboards to choose your winners by rank, or run the game as a lucky dip. Brand Awareness Stand out from the competition and get people playing a game. You may think that a game is not suitable for your audience, or you’re from a boring industry. However, we have successfully used games to boost brand awareness and help businesses stand out from their competition. Lead Generation Generate leads from your marketing using Branded Mini-Games. We generate very high conversion rates in the game. Mobile Coupons Convert your mobile audience into buyers using coupons. Players can exchange high scores to discounts, or access a mobile coupon to redeem in-store. They can access the game on their mobile through beacons, NFC or QR codes. After playing the game, activate the shoppers by issuing a coupon to redeem that day. Our Products Gamification Managed service that develops branded online games for clients. We can develop HTML5 games for advertising quickly and easily using our catalogue of game templates. Branded Mini-Games Studio as Self-service tool that makes it quick and simple for brands to create and launch their own ad games for mobile marketing and online marketing. Create and manage your branded games, without coding, and starts from free. Playable Ads Digital advertising solution that incorporates fun, exciting game experiences into banner adverts. Custom built for each client the games are fully branded and optimised for the client’s audience. Supported Publishing Channels There are several publishing channels available to branded mini-game. Standalone URL and Application. You can embed in a website or in Android/iOS app. Do you want to use Email Marketing? No problem, everything you want is possible. Social BMG You can embed a branded mini-game on Facebook. Invite your customers to your Facebook page, and promote your business in an easy, fun way. A highly targeted branded mini-game can help make your products stand out. Mobile game development Branded Mini-Games also works on mobile game development, either by extending our html5 game templates, or bespoke game development, focused on your branding, marketing and promotional goals. Our technical team can help integrate Branded Mini-Games into your app, advertising tool and CRM system. Metaverse Studio provides an inexpensive and easy way to build Metaverse.  Branded Mini-Games’ Metaverse does not require VR/AR. Users only need a browser on their PC, tablet and mobile phone. All technologies are implemented in HTML5.