OK Savings Bank

OK Savings Bank

OK Savings Bank is a savings bank run by OK Financial Group. OK Financial Group was founded in 1999 on the basis of the consumer finance business. As of 2019, it is the OK Financial global Group, representing Korea, that has continued to be developed into savings banks, capitals, and consumer finance specialist companies, expanding its global reach to Southeast Asia, including China, Indonesia, and Cambodia. OK Savings Bank allows users to take advantage of various services such as managing loan accounts, viewing other contracts and making instant payments through its mobile app. OK Savings Bank enables customers to play games and earn points within the app as a way to increase the usage and retention of the mobile app.


In order to increase app participation and retention rates, OK Savings Bank has released two games within the app. A ‘roulette’ game where people can randomly earn points by participating once a day and a ‘Carrot Star’ game where Eut man, the mascot of OK Savings Bank, kills insect pests to save his hometown, Carrot Star. The points earned in the game are converted into points available to use within the OK Savings Bank app, and the maximum number of points earned per day is limited to prevent users from acquiring too many points.

  • Campaign period: Always.
  • Channel: OK Savings Bank Mobile App (Android, iPhone).
  • Target: Members of OK Savings Bank.
  • Game Name: OK Roulette, Carrot Man
  • Region: Korea


Increase users of the OK Savings Bank app.

Increase duration time and retention rates of the app.

Raise brand awareness using the mascot of OK Savings Bank.