A recent collaboration between Branded Mini-Games and KDA (Gyeonggi Dental Association) proved to be no croak, as it launched with unprecedented success.

The campaign, which was launched in Korea, was created to promote KDA’s products and services.

Jump frog was played over 80,000 times in the first month

With cash prizes up for grabs, the buzz around the game was greater than anticipated.

A back to back tournament for the game is currently is being held each month, with the first one ending last December. The first event drew in over 80,000 plays of the game, with the DAU of around 2000 players.

The second tournament for January is currently underway, as of writing this article.

A large part of the success for the Jumping frog campaign was due to the in-house social media campaign run by Branded Mini-Games, for the event for KDA, which resulted in a whopping 168,000 total impressions over the duration of the month, resulting in a low cost per click (CPC).