games mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is challenging.
Mobile users are annoyed by adverts and are now deploying ad blockers on their mobile devices.

Getting your message across effectively to your mobile audience can be expensive, inconsistent and frustrating.

What you need is an effective and innovative solution to the problem. A way to provide your message to a mobile audience, in a fun format that they will enjoy interacting with.

Despite these challenges, global mobile ad spend is increasing, year-on-year:



According to Go-Globe games also account for 43% of mobile apps usage.

So, users want to mostly play games on their mobile – and advertisers want to reach that audience. This is why games can be an effective advertising tool on mobile.

Here are some of the reasons why games are the perfect tool for mobile marketing:

1. Mobile use is growing
Users are interacting with brands more and more using their mobile devices. Businesses and products are being researched using mobile. Mobile is being used to find consumer products, and to interact in store. Mobile now has more users than desktop, so marketers can no longer ignore their mobile audience.

2. Mobile = media device
Mobile devices are focused on consuming media. Users can commute while watching their favourite program, or listening to music. Users look to their mobile devices for communication and entertainment. This is why games work so well on mobile.

3. Increased mobile commerce
A recent Ad Week article showed 82% of smartphone users using their phone to make purchasing decisions in store, with many buying online and instore in the same period. Mobile is clearly becoming a valuable way to influence buying decisions.

4. Mobile coupon use
Users are increasingly comfortable with mobile coupons, and being able to scan their mobile at airports and shops to get a discount or to gain access to a special concession. After playing the game, reward the player with a coupon and get them to redeem it in store.

5. 43% of mobile usage is games
Playing games is regularly one of the main uses of mobile devices. Some studies show it to be over 43% of time spent on the mobile, alongside social media and messaging. With so much time spent playing games on mobiles, it makes sense to use games as a way to connect with this audience.



6. Games are for all demographics
Despite the stereotypes of gamers, according to a recent report, 64% of gamers are older than 26 years old, with 23% older than 46. You may think that games are for children, or younger people, but you’ll be wrong. They can also find a fairly even split between genders. Games can be suitable for a range of audiences.



Games are the perfect tool for mobile marketing. As games are a large part of mobile use, what better way to get your brand in the hands of a mobile audience than to use games?

Mobile is used in short-bursts, accessing information while travelling on the bus, train or on a lunch break. So, using web games on mobile allows players to click and access the games immediately, playing the game on their mobile device without the need to download an app.

The mobile screen is highly suited for games and for Playable Ads. The screen can have multiple orientations and games can be played using taps and swipes..

Games are a great way to generate better results from mobile marketing. Using them can take your ROI to the next level by engaging your audience with entertainment and making them experience your brand in a fun and natural way.