Last week Branded Mini-Games attended the E-Marketing Paris 2015 show.

This E-Marketing event is one of the largest shows in France about digital marketing.

The show was held at Porte de Versailles in Paris between 14-16 April and saw thousands of attendees looking to learn about the latest trends and topics in digital marketing.

As well as a huge interest from attendees in Branded Mini-Games, we were also invited to take part in the Venus Innovation trophy.

About E-Marketing Paris 2015


E-Marketing Paris 2015 was a three day event focused on digital marketing and cross-channel customer relationships. It focused on the latest news and this event helped attendees meet with the most innovative, leading players in the industry. With over 207 brands represented, thousands of attendees and a full conference programme this show was one of the largest and most successful events in France. More information:

Tarsus Vénus 2015

Venus Innovation Awards

Venus Innovation Awards for digital marketing and customer relations were organized by Tarsus France and Manifestory.

These awards are designed to showcase products, services and innovative campaigns across loyalty, customer relationships, B2B or B2C, including technologies related to deliverability and CRM Marketing.

Branded Mini-Games was nominated to take part and go head-to-head with the other finalists. Although just a finalist this year, perhaps we can take home the trophy in future years!

We are very proud to be nominated for the annual Venus awards. It’s great to be recognised around the world as an innovative, leading marketing format to help boost brand engagement, conversions and awareness. Games are the future of marketing!

Tarsus Vénus 2015

Branded Mini-Games

There’s a growing interest in Branded Mini-Games – advergames that companies can use to advertise, engage, promote and build awareness of their brand and campaign. The discussions we had found that many people either were already looking for games to use in their marketing, or were looking for new, innovative ways to engage their audience.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Engagement
Branded Mini-Games can help boost awareness and engagement in your brand. Many attendees at the exhibition learned about using our mini games to achieve up to 88-90% engagement rates, 33% signup rates and 6-9% click through rates. These stats have been achieved by many of our clients and Branded Mini-Games is now generating a lot of interest from mobile and digital marketers who are struggling to achieve similar results.


Branded Mini-Games is the way to promote your brand and business on mobile, web and on tablet. E-Marketing Paris 2015 was a great event for us to attend and be part of. We spoke to hundreds of people, over the three days and there has been an incredible level of interest in what we do.

Thanks E-Marketing Paris 2015. It was a great event and we hope to be back to talk to everyone about Branded Mini-Games.

If you would like more information about Branded Mini-Games and how we can generate great results for you then contact us.