Since this year, we have been receiving quite some queries about gamification of corporate eLearning and have conducted meetings on how to implement with managers of L&D department. It is obvious that gamification is becoming more familiar and popular in the context of corporate learning. But our impression is, it seems that many organisations do not know where to start. Gamification in the area of eLearning is the buzzword in every organisation.

top-score Gaming has the power to stick things in your memory in a way few experiences can. Specially leaderboard with even small rewards can double the effect of learning and motivate the staffs to learn e.g. new product specs & prices, corporate culture & policies (dos and don’ts) faster and much more fun and softer way. Thus it achieves the corporate key objectives of L&D department with measurable figure. There are mainly two different game mechanics often used in corporate eLearning : 1. Quiz type together with leaderboard is the most common mechanic. This can be applied for any type of learning. Relatively straightforward to implement in HTML5. 2. Interactive role playing game : User will get to choose their own avatar and he/she will start the virtual journey of the corporate world on web browser basis. they can click the island of various sections of your corporate world and collect points. Different type of mini games can be implemented within this full package e.g. Jump n Run, Puzzle, Action etc. This can be implemented in an interactive way and users will complete small tasks and collect points through mini games during this journey. This users journey is to explore this virtual corporate world with curiosity and expecting to get small rewards after completion. Great benefit of this gamification eLearning is that it is all measurable and user data e.g collected points, login time, no. of log in/out, popular spots of the games and results of learning will show if the learning achieved the key objectives. All kinds of statistics can be extracted from data analytics ! Specially in HTML5 format, employees can also learn on their mobile phone on their way to work or at home anywhere and anytime with internet connection. Another great benefit is that it can be logged in with social network ID and can be shared easily within that network (e.g. Facebook). Most of all, you will never be bored in this journey!

Writer: Juhee Lee, VP Business Operations. Emoji Games GmbH