At the Shilla Duty-Free App, we are always looking for ways to expand our business and bottom line. Some of the questions we were asking were
● How can we bring our customers into our app every day?
● Is there a way for our customers to spend more time in our apps?

These questions are what our marketers think about every day. However, they were finding that just writing better advertising copy was no longer capturing the attention of potential customers. We kept improving our text and seeing few results.

We started noticing that more and more companies were using games as a marketing tool to increase app traffic from new customers and existing customers. We started asking the question, “Why are these companies using games and what kind of results are they getting?”

It turns out that advertising through games increases brand recognition while people play. They love playing the games, and that enjoyment spills over into their feeling for your brand. That means they are more likely to visit your app.

Since we began marketing through games, the Shilla Duty-Free mobile app has seen a significant increase in daily active users. That was our objective all along, and we are thrilled with the results. Can you imagine customers visiting your app each and every day? By marketing through games, that dream can become a reality.