By using SaaS (Software as a Service) called Studio, non-game brands can also create Playable Ads.

1. Create a Branded Mini-Game.

You can create a branded mini-game by selecting a game template provided by the studio and changing the images.

Game template:
Game modified via studio: 

The game logic doesn’t change, but you can change the graphics resources to create your own branded game.

2. Change branded mini-games to ZIP.

The task of converting branded mini-games into ZIP files must be done manually by the programmer. There will be additional costs associated with this.

3. Add the ZIP file to the DSP and start the service!

Copy the ZIP file to the DSP and start advertising.

When using the service for the first time, we support ZIP for testing and provide free technical support so that playable ads can work properly on the DSP.

If your DSP supports MRAID normally, Branded Mini-Games in the ZIP will usually work.

However, a tracking code is required for analytics on playable ads. It usually consists of JavaScript code. If you provide the code, we will apply it to the test ZIP.

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