How consumer packaged brands can use Branded Mini-Games

Some of the largest, global companies are consumer packaged brands.

Products like soft drinks, toiletries and over-the-counter drugs are staples in many homes, and are highly competitive markets.

As they are very competitive, the brands have to be some of the most inventive to get their message across. Protecting and building consumer loyalty to their products is key, as is promoting the value of the product being promoted.

Branded Mini-Games can easily and successfully be used by FMCG and consumer packaged brands, of all sizes.

To show you how, here’s 4 different game templates to get you started:

#1: Try and Apply Game for Face Cream Brands


This Branded Mini-Game template focuses on applying a product to a person’s face. In this example, the poor lady has an acne problem so is looking for help. Use the product to apply cream to her and clear up her skin problem.

As well as being a fun game, there’s a serious brand message- this product helps clear up acne and skin problems.

Try out the game here

#2: Rub It Out Game for Pain Relief Brands


This game focuses on getting rid of pain. The man is suffering from head and back pain. Use the product to rub the pain away to score points. This Branded Mini-Game would be very useful for pain relief drugs and topical creams.

The connection between the product and pain relief is clear. The game play builds up points to more the pain is rubbed away.

#3 Apply the Product for shaving brands


This Branded Mini-Game is perfect for razor and shaving product brands. Apply the cream before shaving to try and match the picture. Go from beard to moustache, but be quick as time is limited.

This game promotes the use of multiple products in a fun format. It also reinforces your brand as a leader in a range of shaving products – shavers and creams, not just for one product line.

Try out the game here

#4 Deflect and Protect for product brands


Imagine the scene, alien baddies are invading and only your brand can save us! In this example, a chocolate bar is coming to rescue us but it could easily be changed to toothpaste, detergent or toys. This space invader game is fun to play and keeps your brand visible at all times.

Save us from these baddies with your brand!

Try out the game here



Branded Mini-Games provide a range of templates appropriate for FMCG and consumer packaged goods, including toiletries, chocolate and painkillers.

As the templates are customisable they can easily be re-branded to include different brand assets, including logos and product images.

Start using Branded Mini-Games to promote your brands and use games to position your consumer packaged brand and provide some fun for your customers and users.


Image Credit: greezer via Flickr CC


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