Google Adwords launched “Universal App campaign” (UAC) in last summer 2017. One of the most significant features is that the size of HTML5 as .zip has been increased to 1MB as maximum (previously it was 150KB). That is not just a good news, but it is super great news for app developers who have been trying millions ways to get the best ROI in app install marketing. The trend started from banner, rewards, switched to video. Now it is time for Playable Ad and the gateway is opening wider with this new Universal App. Facebook has also been supporting playable ad at the max. size of 2MB.

The greatness of Playable Ads according to AdColony’s app install marketing survey are the following: 1) 75% of mobile advertisers find Playable Ads to be effective; 2) Rewarded Videos are still the most acceptable ad format AND THEN followed by Playable Ads as the second most favourable format.

Last year, even though our team had to sacrifice the quality of playable ads in order to make it run on Google Adwords as the maximum size is 150K (, we still achieved great results of three times higher click rate compared to normal interstitial static images. Now with the maximum size of 1MB for the UAC, it has become like a football stadium for us (currently it only applies to app). You can create any games with the best quality so that users can play it immediately for a short but enough time to get hooked by the game play. This will increase the rate of installing the game at least two times higher than still image .

Our Branded Mini-Games team has been investing and specialising in creating HTML5 Branded Mini-Games and Playable Ads for last five years. Since summer this year, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries and development requests from mobile game developers and developed and ran many different types of playable ads. The biggest hurdle has been the size and the cost. This is because many game developers want to implement their Playable Ad with exactly the same functionality and with the same storyline. This common mistake often ends up the ad to become long, heavy and expensive. The fact is many users would not go through a long ad to the end. Users will statistically decide to install within the first 20 seconds of testing out the game. It is not always necessary to copy the native game exactly same into a HTML5 Playable Ad as it does not always result in the best ROI. The highlight of using a Playable Ad is to be able to provide users with the chance to try a little bit of the game and to experience a bit of the feeling. The key-point of Playable Ad is the high engagement with end users. Also in this way, a simplified Playable Ad can be created within a few thousand dollars if your playable ad is built using one of our 80+ templates and still you can achieve your target KPI.

You can check a few of our works here.

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