Snapchat introduced the QR codes for profiles in January 2015, based on technology it acquired along with startup They made it easy for people to add each other on Snapchat without typing in usernames. Snapcodes are not actual ad products. In fact, they are free, and Snapchat says it doesn’t charge advertisers extra for them. Anyone can create a Snapcode that unlocks an external website from within Snapchat (what the company calls a “web view”), without anyone at Snapchat helping them. And if they want to have a Snapcode link to their filter or lens campaign, Snapchat can create that for any brand for free.

The Snapcodes were mostly used by people to add friends on the app among friends. Only recently brands started to use for their marketing campaigns and realised it is quite a powerful tool to appeal young people. Snapchat says users are already scanning over 8 million codes a day, making for sizeable audience that brands can target. Specially if it comes along with fun games, then it is more likely to spread to their friends organic way.

Last summer, a few brands such as Evian, Wendy’s and Gatorade have launched their marketing campaigns using this SnapCode. Specially Evian’s “Live Young” campaign saw over 2 million unique Snapchatters interact with its lenses and over 3 million play around with its filters.

Here is the users journey of Evian Live Young campaign.

      1. Users will see this Snapcode on Facebook or on Evian bottles.


      2. Users scan the SnapCode using Snapchat app.



      3. Once “Open Link” is tapped, immediately the Evian branded mini game will start.



      4. You have to reach certain points of the game to unlock the “Evian Lens” and you can also share your game results at Facebook.



      5. If you unlocked the Evian Lens, this Face in video technology will run and you can put your face on an animation that dances around which is one of Evian’s famous dancing babies.


      In terms of mini game, it is based on HTML5 technology with social media functions which also our Branded Mini-Games has 80+ templates available

     so that brands can easily start with SnapCode Mini-Game campaign with min. budgets and within short timeline.

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