What does it take to increase user acquisition and user retention? Millions of money are spent to acquire a new user and to stay them in their online space. According to IAB, some 5.2 billion USD was spent only on digital video ad for half year of 2017. In fact video advertising works best when it combined with rewards and there is a report saying that a rewarded video ad is the most promising ad format so far.

However, this video advertising has two main issues. Fraud issue and reward issue. At least 10% of advertisers budget is wasted by malware software and bots. From users point of view, this reward is not attractive because it is either too little value and it can be only useful for certain games very limitedly. Also this reward budget needs to be shared with other middlemen such as ad networks.

As a rising star, advertisers are falling in love with Playable Ad which is proven to be the most interactive ad format for mobile game and for any brand promotion. By adding gaming elements to an ad, the engagement rate increases significantly up to a maximum of three times as compared to normal display ads. However, keeping the users to motivated to play continually, you will need one more element; reward. If attractive rewards are given and it becomes tradable, users will be willing to sign up and will do any ad supporting actions diligently for advertisers and will continue doing it.

What will happen when users are rewarded with cryptocurrency whenever they play this Playable Ad and perform ad supporting actions like sign up to newsletter or refer a friend? And this coin can be traded with other crypto coins and cash out easily and even this coin is expected to increase in value in the future?

Using blockchain technology, users will be able to sign up and create their own decentralised crypto wallet and this will be owned by user immutably. Whenever an end user performs any action for advertisers, they can be paid with cryptocurrency immediately and this one does not need to go through any middleman so this can save lots of advertisers budget and no room of fraud by malware or bots. Moreover, decentralised encrypted ledger on each block for each user will do the safeguard for data protection issue and at the same time it enables the direct rewarding to end user which gives promising real world value for users. By using this technology on playable ad, it is possible to achieve significant increment of user acquisition and user-retention for advertisers.

Our Branded Mini-Games team has been developing this ecosystem crypto eSports for HTML5 games on blockchain technology for gamers and advertisers, which we name it as “Pocket Arena”. The white paper and test case will be available by end of Q1 2018.

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