Wishing you a happy Chinese new year.

Today, Tuesday 5th February, Chinese Spring Festival has officially started for many and will continue throughout until 15th – which is then followed by the Lantern Festival from 16th-19th (my favourite part).

This is a time of great celebration, fun and joy, as we welcome the year of the Pig, and say goodbye to the year of the dog.

For those who are not familiar with this time of year, it is a time when family and friends get together, forget their problems, respect their relationships and  loved ones, and appreciate all that they have in life. It is a time filled with happiness and great occasion.

There are, however, a few taboos which one should not do during this festive season:

  1. No cleaning – You are not allowed to shower on this day, and in similar fashion, are not allowed to sweep your floors until after the 5th day.
  2. No bad words – No bad words are to be said on this day. This applies to all words which have a negative association i.e  Dead, ill, debt, sad, sick, pain, etc. This is to start the year with a positive outlook.
  3. No cutting –  The use of scissors and knives are forbidden during celebrations, as it is considered that these sharp object will cut your luck and wealth if used. This is why most hairdressers will be closed during the festive season.
  4. Don’t ask for your debts to be paid back – For everyone to have a chance to enjoy themselves and relax during celebrations, it is custom to not mention any owed debts during this time.
  5. Don’t gift clocks – Giving someone a clock as a gift is a big no no, as it is seen as giving someone a last goodbye before death.
  6. Don’t wish happy new year blessings to someone still in bed – Wishing someone a happy new year, 拜年—bài nián, while they are still in bad is a bad superstition, as it means that they will be stuck in bed for the rest of the year.  (Sorry if you are reading this while still in bed).
  7. No medicines – Try to not take any medicines, unless totally necessary, to avoid being sick the entire year.
  8. No crying or fighting – This sounds obvious, but not always so easy, especially for children. As this is a time for happiness, negative emotions should be left at the door.
  9. No visiting the family of the wife – It is said that doing so means that there are marital problems in your relationship.
  10. No breaking ceramic bowls or glasses – This is said to break your future good fortune.

(Source: https://chinesenewyear.net/)

So, remember to be happy, loving and have an amazing happy Chinese new year, wherever you are.


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