Branded Mini-Games (BMGs) and Snap Ads? Could this be a lucrative relationship?

60% of all smartphone users are on Snapchat. As marketing becomes increasingly digital and increasingly mobile-focused, budgets for social media marketing are swelling too. Not least for Snapchat which enjoys 166 million daily active users and whose mobile video ads,  Snap Ads , are proving promising with regards to efficient CPMs ($2.50) and CPCs ($0.50) – on average 3x better than Facebook ads. It is also understood that Snapchat is becoming more accessible to advertisers with smaller budgets.

Snap Ads are best equipped to drive action, app installs, views or awareness through their web view, app install or long video attachments. The web-view attachment is a format that would work particularly well with a branded mini-game, because any brand wanting to generate organic traffic to a specific landing page would be able to do so effortlessly as Snapchatters would not be required to leave their current environment. The publishing of short addictive branded mini-games in Snapchat’s ad space is a truly out-of-the-box form of media advertising, that would surely capture and hold the attention of many, over the sea of video or article-based Snap Ads. BMG Snap Ads have the potential to propel ad campaigns  based on the strength of BMG’s quick, high engagement capabilities and Snapchat’s high ad consumption rate (of million daily ad impressions) and evolving demographics (of over 50% of users above the age of 25 now).

With a well-crafted ad creative (video, article, lense, geofilter or game), Snapchat has a host of useful functions that help in reaching campaign goals, measuring results and targeting your audience at scale and efficiently with goal based bidding and optimization techniques built into their Ad Manager, which is essentially an intuitive do-it-yourself system.

BMG Snap Ads UI flow

UI flow of BMG Snap Ad

Don’t be caught missing out because when this ad space becomes crowded early adopters will be the ones who hold a share of the audience, as they would have grasped and refined their approach to building relationships with their audience via their online presence.

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