It’s now about 2 months until the Rio 2016 Olympic Games kicks off.

With a global audience of 3.6 billion viewers, Rio 2016 and the interest in the sporting events is a great opportunity for brands to promote themselves to their target audience.

Big brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, VISA and Samsung are sponsoring the Rio 2016 Olympics. Even though you can’t officially associate yourself with the Olympic games if you’re not a sponsor, you can use the buzz and interest in sports in your marketing promotions.

Here are five ideas you can use in your promotions:

1. Run a Competition
Rio 2016 is all about competition, so why not launch a campaign around this theme? For example, run an online game contest, featuring popular sports like football or running and give away prizes for the player with the highest score.

2. Use a Home Sport
Although it’s a worldwide event, use a sport in your online game that is popular in your target country. Consider the location if you want to communicate a more personalised message. For example, if your target audience is in South Korea, you can use an archery game, while if you target the USA, then a basketball game can be a good choice.

3. Try Non-sport Content
Sport is not the only area you can associate with. Don’t be afraid to try a game with a creative even emotional theme. The P&G “Thank you mom” campaign is a great example of how a brand can advertise for the Rio Olympic games without focusing on the sport. How about launching a quiz campaign or an adventure game that may appeal to your target group?

“Thank you mom” campaign by P&G 

4. Make it Multi-screen
According to research, 64% of viewers will engage in other activities while watching the Olympics, while 59% will use a smartphone during the game. Make the most of your campaign by ensuring it can run on multiple platforms like mobile, tablet, in-app or Facebook.

5. Make it “Shareable”
London 2012 has been known for being the most digital Olympics, to date, while Rio Olympics are likely to be the most “Shared” games. Make sure your campaign supports social media sharing, or even better, create a sense of competition or community by using scoreboards or forums. Developing a community helps spread your campaign wider and reach more people.

We hope these tips help. Have a think about the ideas, or feel free to get in touch with us to see if we can help you make a great marketing campaign alongside this year’s biggest event!

Credit: Image by Freepik


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