Exhibitions are a great opportunity to get your business in front of potential prospects and customers. However, exhibitions are busy and attracting the attention of visitors is challenging.

As Europe’s largest company for Branded Mini-Games and Playable Rich Media, using interactive video games for our own booth at exhibitions, we want to share our excellent experience using video game at events. Here are five steps to attract visitors to your trade show stand:

1.Build a Momentum Pre-Event

Before the event starts, make sure your customers know that you will be exhibiting there and what your activities will be. It will be easier for them during the show to find your booth, recognise and amplify your message.

One of the cross channel marketing activities we recommend is using branded games.

Games are a creative and interactive way to get your audience engaged with your brand/product at the booth. They are fun, enjoyable and most importantly, loved by people at all age. Use a game to grab the attention of visitors and provide an interactive brand experience for your booth.


*source: Branded Mini-games 2016

Because of it’s multiple platform capability, using HTML5 branded mini-games at your booth, will help you reach a broader audience.That means the attendees can play your game on connected TV, touchscreens, laptop or even on their smartphone before or while attending the event.

2. Keep your Booth busy

When the event starts, make sure you provide enough information and activities to keep visitors engaged at the booth.

Branded mini-games are a good tool to generate a crowd at the premise. From our experience, one in three players replay the game after the first try*. This will help keeping your booth busy through the exhibition. Visitors will have a chance to learn more about your product while having a chat with you.

Also remember to promote your activities beforehand using merchandise, social media, hashtags or on-site-marketing, informing your target audience of what’s happening at your stand.

Source: Based on average number of game replays September 2014- June 2016, Branded Mini-Games

3. Create Interactive Competitions & Collect Data

Companies like to do competitions or sweepstakes at their stand to attract visitors, for example, dropping business cards for a chance to win an iPad. However, on-site competitions are mostly not digital and lack interaction between the brand and participants.

Why not use our Branded Mini-Games to run a competition, rewarding prizes to people who can rank on a leaderboard?

Besides its social media features (e.g share with friends, invite, post on your timeline), one of the biggest assets of Branded Mini-Games, is the flexible and fast log-in features.

Users are able to either log-in with their social media accounts or with their email addresses. It is possible to collect more information, using fill-in-forms.

4. Share Knowledge

Being an expert in what you do will get you people’s trust.

Sharing industry knowledge is a great way to gain qualified leads from the exhibition. Make sure the content you share is interesting and useful for the attendees, for example, use e-books, tutorials, give speeches with presentations at your booth and organize Q&A sessions.

The most important thing is that you should make the content exclusive to your attendees.

Using branded games can add a sense of exclusivity to the content. You can ask your visitors to complete different levels of your branded game to receive a link to download a unique content.

By sharing your knowledge and positioning your company as the expert in your business field will create not only a positive noise but most importantly trust. This make your target group pick you as their first contact partner for the solutions that you provide and increase your brand awareness, online traffic and lead conversions.

5. Check in For The Win

To boost awareness of your presence, encourage visitors to check-in and share location on Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win prizes.

When people see more visits at your booth, it helps increasing preference in the brand and create a great brand awareness among your audience.

You can also use branded mini-games to gain more insights from these check-ins, using a “Quiz” game as an online survey to ask your participants what activity they like the most at your booth before they share the location.

These insights and report numbers will help you to decide what you should or should not do in the next event.


Games help you stand out of the crowd and get visitors considerably involved with your brand while providing positive brand awareness during the fun, exciting game play.

Providing such an interactive experience helps establishing your brand into visitors minds and more likely convert quality leads into sales after the show.

Use a branded HTML5 game at your next exhibition and let us help you achieve your goal.

Branded Mini-Games, provide a catalogue of more than 80+ games templates that can be fully customized to fit your brand and purpose with a quick turn-around time.

Start creating your own Branded Mini-Game with us and offer a fun & engaging experience for your audience at your next exhibition.

Let’s get started!

Image credit: Wikimedia


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