Playing games on your mobile is not a new thing.

Since the beginning, handsets had games already loaded on them.

Now, games account for a large percentage of apps and mobile usage.

Users love their smart device and they love playing games.

What is new is the use of HTML5 to create games for mobile.

Web access for mobile is now fast and convenient for many countries. Users can now connect to the Internet through their network and shared Wifi points – picking up email or visiting different websites on the go.

Creating web games using HTML5 is now a perfect, and transferable method, to provide games for mobile, and they work on desktops too.

All our Branded Mini-Games are created using HTML5 and all benefit from the advantages of mobile web games.

Here are our 5 reasons why should consider using mobile web games (and Branded Mini-Games of course 😉 ):

Reason # 1: Works on every device
All our games are created once using HTML5, and are openly accessible to all modern web and mobile browsers. The game is automatically responsive and changes size based on screen and device. This eliminates the need, and expense, to create games for iOS and Android platforms, or even a mobile and web version.

Reason # 2: Cost effective
As you create one game, you reduce costs. You can cost-effectively distribute your game using its URL and easily promote it across different channels – email, SMS messaging, and social media. Web games are not limited in terms of volumes and users, so you can scale up the amount of game players easily, with limited impact.

Reason # 3: Social
Our mobile web games have a number of social features such as shared leaderboards, social sharing, Facebook app integration and social logins. This makes playing games a social experience – can you beat your friends, who can you share the game with? These social features boost the potential for your game to be shared and generate viral growth for your brand.

Reason # 4: High user engagement
Games give brands high user engagement especially with mobile and smart device users. Branded Mini-Games have generated up to 88-91% engagement with up to 10 plays per user. This means your brand and message are regularly promoted to your game players, all while they’re having fun.

Reason # 5: Lower barriers
As the games are web-based there are less barriers to start playing the game. There are no apps to download, it’s quick to play and can fit into a user’s schedule. They can play between meetings or while they’re waiting for a bus. Less barriers means more people will try out the games.

Mobile web games have many advantages. They provide mobile users fun, accessible games which are fun and enables them to win a prize. It gives businesses and brands the potential to gain high user engagement, and cost-effectively advertise their brand in a way that’s different, memorable and unique.

Branded Mini-Games helps businesses create their own mobile web games so they can promote their business. Easily create, customise and distribute your games to your customers and prospects. Start today.


Image credit: losmininos via Flickr CC


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