Finding the right advergame for your business can be a struggle.

Okay, so you can get a game developed from scratch but this is a very expensive and time-consuming process.

That’s why, the team here at Branded Mini-Games works so hard to create and develop lots of different game templates. The more game templates, the more advergame options for you. And that means more games (and fun)!

The team have been so busy that this may become a regular feature. Giving you an update on new games that have been released, games that have been improved or updated. Enjoy.



Connect the hearts which have the same colour by drawing a line between them. This game is great on mobile and you can replace the hearts with product images or logos.

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First Defence


Protect your base from every angle. The threats come in thick and fast, how long can you last? This game is great at positioning your brand at the centre of the game play.

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Bouncy Bouncy


Bounce the chocolate sweets into your mouth to collect points. This great advergame can, of course, advertise sweets and chocolate or it can be amended with fruit and vegetables.

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Branded Mini-Games has lots of different advergame templates which can be used by all businesses to market and advertise their products. Get started now.