Partnering with PerformDM, a leading performance media and real-time bidding platform provider in South Africa, Branded Mini-Games has launched branded games for big brands like Sinutab and Total Excellium.

The games are exclusively designed for the brands and focus on their product message.


  • Game template: Rub it out
  • Key message: Sinutab – clears your head
  • How to play: Rub the affected area to clear your head

For the Sinutab campaign, “Rub it out” game template is used and redesigned to match Sinutab’s brand. Users have to rub Sinutab Nasal Spray on the affected areas, following the indicated arrows to clear the symptom such as blocked nose, heavy head and pressure building. The quicker, the more scores users earn.  The game illustrates clearly how Sinutab helps with the people affected by cold and flu. After the game ends, users can enter their phone numbers for a chance to win Spa packages worth R1000!

Click on the image below to try this game.

Sinutab game - HTML5


Total Excellium

  • Game template: Build a Path
  • Key message: Total Excellium – The Fuel that Cleans Your Engine
  • How to play: Rotate the tiles to make a complete pipe

Total Excellium would like to create awareness of their new Total Excellium generation, the fuel that helps clean the engine’s components. To communicate this message, “Build a Path” game template was selected and branded to match their identity. The game challenge users to clean the car engine using Total Excellium. Users have to rotate the tiles to make a complete pipe layout to deliver the fuel and get rid of the stubborn dust along the way. At the end of the game, users can visit the website to learn more about the product.

Try the game by clicking the image below.

Total Excellium Game

Both campaigns are now available in South Africa and have received positive feedback.

Want a game like this for your brand? Get in touch and see what we can do for you!