Playable Ads and Branded Mini-Games captures attention as Facebook kicks off to run Playable Ads



Long gone are the days where TV advertising dominates the market. Even time spent on desktops are reducing. There is one clear trend – mobile users increasing. At the same time, social media platforms such as Facebook, KakaoTalk, WeChat and other are becoming increasingly popular. This is not just a speculation but a fact. Take a look at some statistics.
– Average time spent on mobile is 5 hours per day – “tech crunch”
– 44% of Americans admit they can’t make it a day without their mobile phone – “Band of America”
– Average number of Apps used per month is 26.7 – “Statista”
Based on the fact that the number of people owning mobile devices is increasing rapidly, and the cost of owning it is reducing drastically, we can safely assume that the advertising channel has shifted from TV or desktop to mobile. It is not an option to ignore this trend as not only agencies but also advertisers are shifting their focus to mobile advertising. Facebook of course is forefront in this development and already are positioning themselves through their mobile in-app playable advertising program.

Let us take a look at the option of using games in advertising, also known as playables, branded mini-games, advergames just to name a few. Parallel to the trend of TV and desktop usage, the sales performance of mobile games played is increasing compared to desktop games or game consoles. There are many reasons why you should consider using playables. One take one point here – Facebook is launching into Playables!

The future of advertising is interactive; playable ads are highly effective at acquiring high value users
Varun Aggarwal, Product Manager, Facebook

The idea of games simply works because it is hard wired into every human. Not just the aspect of entertainment, it is also the competition thrill that attracts people to engage in this ad format. If advertisers throw in freebies or discount vouchers as incentive to play, the average engagement rate is guaranteed to increase. While the playable is being engaged, not only brand awareness is created through the brands displayed within the game, the LTV and brand loyalty in automatically positively affected! With games, you definitely can CAPTURE your audience.
Now let us add up one plus one – mobile plus playables. Playables ads have never been more exciting than today. Besides all the obvious facts, take a look at the statistics below. Playable ads remain top with 46% App Install comes from this format.




As games primarily involve all the human senses, playing the game in a mobile gives a very different experience than on a desktop. Steering a car with cursor arrows is not as fun as with your mobile phone. Body language also suggest full engagement in mobile games. With more social platform such as Facebook opening up for playables, it is definitely a shift in not just mobile advertising, but in-app advertising. Advertisers who chose to use mobile playables are bound to CREATE successful campaigns that have powerful brand awareness.




Our BMG (Branded Mini-Games) Studio offers advertisers and service providers in the marketing a powerful tool to build customised and branded playables easily. Apart from game creation, leveraging the social media is only wise. Players could share their game results, or even challenge a friend via their Facebook contacts to engage on the same playables! Leaderboard feature is offered as part of this package to boost retention rate and repeated plays! The steps are as easy as:
– Choose a game template.
– Configure and re-skin game.
– Publish game.
The BMG Studio is offered FREE! Users may start customising and testing before publishing without any charges, making the risk of investment very low and ROI guaranteed!





Branded Mini-Games team consists of members with over 15 years experience within marketing, advertising and games industries – having served more than 50 international brands such as Samsung, KFC, BMW, Kinderjoy and many more. This combination offers us rich insights into the secret ingredients of what makes an advergame absolutely tantalising!

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