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Okay, so you’re booked to exhibit at a trade show and you want it to be successful.

Success at exhibitions is all about 1 thing..


Getting people’s attention and keeping it is THE way to generate the most leads and (possibly) the most sales for your business at an exhibition.

The more people’s attention you can get -> the more conversations -> the more leads -> the more clients!

So more attention = more clients

It’s a simple equation.

But, most people’s efforts at an exhibition are boring…

Yes, really (yawn) boring..

Games are a fun and different way to generate a lot of interest at an exhibition.

game at trade show

So, how can you generate $10,000 using a Branded Mini-Game?

Let’s take an example:

Company ABC is exhibiting, let’s assume:

  • Client Lifetime Value is $2,000
  • 5% of leads become customers

Based on the average results from our Branded Mini-Games, if Company ABC could get 300 people to play the game then they could achieve between: $10,000 – $16,000 in revenue.

Oh yes. $10,000.

They should walk away with over 100 leads, and at least 5 new clients.

Bear in mind that these conversion results are based on social and online campaigns – not exhibitions.

The reality is that the results should be significantly higher than this. At an exhibition, getting attention and subsequent conversations can generate a lot more results – and conversion rates.

So 300 players = 105 leads = 5 clients @ $2,000 = $10,000


All from a game..

Future Mobile Advertising

At Branded Mini-Games we think games can be a serious business.

The value of our games is much greater than just the fun bit that you can see.

Be Different

The fun part – the game – gets attention and it cuts through all the “noise” and boring stuff that typically happens at a trade show.

No more business cards in a bowl.

No more leaflets and handouts that nobody reads, or wants.

games exhibition stands

And as the games can be branded with your logo, products and key messages the games can get attention and put your business firmly in your prospects mind.

Being digital the games can be used before, during and after the exhibition too:

  • Before – promote the game on social media, email it to your prospect and clients, advertise it online, SMS, or on mobile. Tie in attendance to your stand with winning a prize, so you can convert players online with attendance to the show.
  • During – use the game on your stand on tablets, laptops or touchscreen devices. Run a competition and the winners will be decided using a leaderboard – the top 5 winners get a prize.
  • After – use the game in your promotions, in other shows and maybe use it for other advertising campaigns and events.


Games Get Results

As you can see, it’s achievable to generate at least $10,000 from an exhibition using a game, and quite possible to achieve more than that.

The results can be increased if – your client lifetime value is higher, your close rate is better or you get the game in front of more people.

The game gets attention, generates the conversations and leads – which then becomes your future clients.

If you have an exhibition, and are thinking about how to get attention and convert that to leads and sales, then consider Branded Mini-Games.

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