Cosmocos (Somang Cosmetics)

Since its foundation in 1992, Somang Cosmetics Co., Ltd has been committed to creating products to enhance the beauty of its customers and has established itself as a leading cosmetics company that thrives in a climate of change and innovation.
Starting with the launch of ‘Man with Flowers’, the company has launched leading brands in the Korean cosmetics industry, including ‘Danahan’, ‘RGII’ and ‘Beauty Credit’.
These products have drawn a lot of attention from the industry and the company has continued to grow steadily, with a continuous increase in sales, by releasing hit products such as skin showers, color lotions and anti-nasolabial fold cream.

Somang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. changed its name to Cosmocos Co., Ltd. from September 1, 2016, in order to take a leap forward as a global leading beauty company.


Cosmocos created a game to promote VPROVE Fine Dust Defense Cream, a product newly launched in 2017. It is a game in which a player removes fine dust with VPROVE Dust Defense Cream for 30 seconds to prevent fine dust from sticking to the face of the main model, Park Bo-gum. Players entered their personal information after participating in the game and received the experienced kit of VPROVE Fine Dust Defense Cream as a prize, delivered to the addresses they entered

  • Event Period: 24 March – 23 September 2017 (6 months).
  • Channel: VPROVE Website.
  • Target: VPROVE members and general customers.
  • Gaming Method: Participating in the game and entering personal information (contact number, address).
  • Prize: VPROVE Fine Dust Defense Cream Experience Kit.
  • Game Name: Fine Dust Defense Operation.
  • Region: Korea.


Hold an event for the new launch of VPROVE Fine Dust Defense Cream.

Create a friendly brand image with the game.