Wow! What a week that was.

Branded Mini-Games attended the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, 2-5 March 2015.

As part of the Swiss Pavillion in Hall 8.1, Branded Mini-Games had the chance to pitch our offering to an assembled crowd in one of the Beer and Pitch sessions.

It was loud, fun and exciting to talk about Branded Mini-Games to people there and across the days we were there.

The following is some of what we said in our pitch at MWC:

Who here LOVES getting adverts on their mobile?

Mobile advertising should be very powerful..

But, users hate advertising on their mobiles!

Mobile advertising is not very effective, it’s intrusive and, well, it’s annoying.

As users, no one wants the latest advertising or app from a company – WE WANT FUN!!

As users we want to be on social media, look at cat pictures and play games! Yes, give us games!!

In fact, you may not realise it but Mobile Games dominate mobile usage.

So, for smart brands wanting to get their message across they’ve used Branded Games.

Fun, mobile games that position your brand and product within the game play.

Users enjoy playing them and brands get engagement and exposure.

But there’s always been 2 barriers:

  • Downloading the Apps
  • Cost

Needing to download an app is a barrier for many users – and a huge distribution challenge for businesses.

Then there’s the cost of developing the game, and ensuring it works on both iOS and Android.

Large costs means large risk for all but the biggest, global brands.

This means less games…and less fun!


We wanted to change this, so we invented Branded Mini Games.

Branded Mini-Games allows any business, of any size, to create and launch their own Branded Games, quickly and easily.

Our games are HTML-5 web games, so they work on all mobile and smart devices, as well as desktop computers.

We allow you to create your own Branded Games in just 5 simple steps and in less than 5 minutes.

So, imagine you’re a brand manager, online or mobile marketer and you want to promote your offer.

You would simply, go to and step through the process:

  • Step 1 – Choose a template
  • Step 2 – Add Social features such as leaderboards and sharing
  • Step 3 – Select a call to action for your players to complete
  • Step 4 – Customise your game template
  • Step 5 – Publish and launch

That’s it!

Publish your Branded Mini-Game and launch it to your customers.

Within minutes your users can be playing your game and signing up for your call to action.

With Branded Mini-Games your company can quickly:

  • Gain high levels of engagement – How does 88% engagement and 10x repeated plays sound to you?
  • Generate call to actions with over 30% of players providing their contact details, with a high click through rate.
  • Use social features to get your game shared and build viral growth.

Branded Mini-Games provides all of this, with optimised game play, at a low barrier to entry.

In fact, business can start creating their own Branded Mini-Games from…. Free.

Free accounts gets you started, then pay for more features and support.

I know what you’re thinking, how do I get my own Branded Mini-Game?

Well just go to, and sign up for a free account.


Image Credit: Mobile World Congress.


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