Have a great product or service to sell and don’t know how to uniquely sell it without getting lost in the crowd of other brands? Interact with potential customers digitally by familiarizing them with your product by means of your very own product mini-game. Where the mini-game calls users to play short highly engaging games that convey the core idea behind what you, as a business, are offering. In an interview with developers of the latest version of Branded Mini-Games Studio (BMG Studio), Helen and Brandon highlight the features and aspects of the service that helps businesses create their own BMG campaigns.


Please explain what BMG Studio is?

Helen: It is our “Do-it-Yourself” platform that allows customers, brands, agencies and ad networks to create games and playable ads for marketing and branding purposes.

Brandon: It is a very useful tool by which brand or product campaigns can be created and run using HTML5 games and thereafter widely distributed through selected channels.

What main purpose does BMG Studio serve?

Brandon: Mainly to give a chance for Branded Mini-Games to be made more quickly and cost effectively, without which normally takes three to four weeks to produce at a higher cost.

Where can BMG Studio be integrated?

Helen & Brandon: On any HTML5 supported browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.), any websites including mobile versions, Android or iOS, Facebook page tap or Canvas, on Messengers (Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, WhatsApp) or Chatbots and any other media or devices able to connect to the internet and can be integrated. We do however recommend that the best user experience is achieved on PC or Tablet devices.

What are the types of game rewarding systems that one can use with BMG Studio?

Helen: Users can choose from a variety of reward systems provided by BMG Studio. These include: Ranking Basis, Daily Rewards, Lucky Draw and Instant Win.

Brandon: After the campaign, Ranking Basis picks the top winner while Lucky Draw picks winners at random. With Instant Win the end user can get a reward (customizable) as soon as the game is played. Daily Reward is suited for Messenger Chatbots where end users take part in the campaign once a day (customizable) for the duration of the campaign whilst returning data to the Messenger.

What kind of support and features are offered with BMG Studio?

Helen: Supporting documents, visual guides and a support team via e-mail which is ready to answer customer questions.

Brandon: Along with the campaign email support, custom domain support (CNAME), external analytics integration which include Google Analytics and MailChimp integration are offered.

What is new in the updated version of BMG Studio?

Helen: The new BMG Studio layout was really aimed at simplifying the creation process making it more intuitive for the customer to customize their BMG templates.

Brandon: The update served to improve the user interface and overall user experience.

How many games are available on BMG Studio?

Helen & Brandon: Over 80 game templates.

Can Playable Ads, augmented reality, chatbot games or beacons be used in BMG Studio?

Helen & Brandon: The feature to create Playable Ads in BMG Studio is being looked at for the next version of BMG Studio while the others currently are not standardized and therefore not yet implementable.

Does a company require programming skills or any other in-house resources for BMG Studio?

Helen: For the most part BMG Studio does not require programming skills, but in the event that integration setting and web hook up for return result is needed, then some programming is required.

How long does it take to create and roll out a campaign before it goes live?

Helen: The timeline is highly dependent on the publishers of course, but this can range from 15 minutes to days before a campaign goes live.

Brandon: This is dependent on the game resources but normally takes less than a week.

How expensive is BMG Studio?

Brandon: BMG Studio offers an affordable plan with choice that meets the pricing needs of our customers. Each plan depends on the campaign duration as well as the number of game plays.