Making your game go further

What is BMG PLUS?

BMG PLUS is a ready-to-use and scalable solution, providing you with a tailored game made to your specification.
Choose a game from our template and you are ready to go!

Why should I choose BMG PLUS?

Besides a dedicated technical team that will provide you with the best support, you shall have full control of your project cost. Our in-house experts shall assist you in building your game according to the features you need.

How does BMG PLUS work?

Additional to the basic features such as analytic, various game genres and flexibility in where to integrate, it is easy to scale things up with BMG PLUS. The base cost is very affordable and includes customising brand logos into the game. Here our team takes care of building your game from the beginning to the end. It is also possible to change the game template that we offer if you have additional graphic requirements.

  1. Choose a game
  2. Send in your logo (or any additional requirements)
  3. We build the game

Prices that exceeds your expectations

BMG PLUS has a subscription model based pricing. It starts with a 30-day fee of 229 USD. With this package there is a 60,000 maximum impressions*. In case of additional requirement, there shall be a one-time additional fix development cost.

*When the duration ends or impressions are used up, whichever occurs first, you have the option to continue the campaign by purchasing another 60,000 impressions for 229 USD.