Astellas Pharma Korea Inc. is a Korean subsidiary of a leading pharmaceutical company in Japan, which has strong R&D capability and a wide global sales network. The company is a 100% Japanese-capital company. It was created by the merger of Korea Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. and Korea Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co. on April 1, 2005, with the mission of continuous improvement in corporate value. Astellas has created a game to promote Betmiga, a medicine that it sells.


Astellas Pharma Korea has produced a game to promote Betmiga, a medicine sold by the company. It has launched a campaign that takes the form of playing games or participating in quizzes, and conducting surveys by providing the game link to specific users, via messengers such as KakaoTalk.

  • Event Period: Always.
  • Channel: Messengers such as KakaoTalk.
  • Target: All Customers.
  • Gaming Method: Cumulative score-based rank aggregation.
  • Prize: None.
  • Game Name: Betmiga.
  • Region: Korea.


Improve the brand awareness of Betmiga.

Create a friendly brand image with the game.

Encourage game participants to carry out a survey.