Here at Branded Mini-Games we’re focused on helping you create great looking, exciting branded advergames quickly.

So how simple is it to create your very own branded game?

Well, if you use Branded Mini-Games then we’ve made sure it’s a simple and easy process.

In fact, we’ve created a DIY platform that allows you to create your own game in 5 simple steps. Five steps to go from an idea, to finished published advergame. An advergame that can be promoting your offer, brand or product, generating leads for your business right away.

Sound good?

Oh yes, 5 simple steps to create your branded game. Here goes:
Step 1: Choose a template
Login to Branded Mini-Games and look at our extensive library of game templates. Try out the games and see which ones you like, and which will fit your brand or your marketing campaign idea. Choose a game template in your dashboard and move onto the next step.

Step 2: Add social features
Select from social media features such as leaderboards, social sharing or logins. You can even choose game life options that can be increased with social sharing. Think about these carefully. Social features are a powerful tool to enable your users to compete with their friends, but also grow the life of your game.

Step 3: Select a call to action
As our Branded Mini-Games are all about converting game players into leads we offer the option to add a call to action within the game play. Form fields, watching a video or clicking a link can be added to ensure your game takes players to the action you want them to do.

Step 4: Customise your game
Our games are customisable templates. Add in your logo, change the colour and change some of the game images. Make the game your own, to represent your brand and your business.

Step 5: Publish and launch
Once you’re happy with your game, publish it and you’re ready to go. Each Branded Mini-Game has a unique game link so you can share it with all of your customers and prospects. Share on social media, use it on email and even send it via SMS messages. As the games work on all devices it’s not limited how you send it. Promote it multiple times. Your players click the link and they’re into the game. No barriers. Just click and play.

With these 5 simple steps you can create, customise and launch your own advergame with Branded Mini-Games in minutes. Use our tool to create one or multiple games for different marketing campaigns. Use it for exhibitions, events, employee incentives, or lead generation activities.

Branded Mini-Games is designed to make it easy for you to launch your branded games and advergames to your customers. Using games in your marketing helps you differentiate yourself, drive up user engagement and increases conversions. Games are a useful advertising tool to boost your marketing and promote your message.

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Image Credit: twak via Flickr CC


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